Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well, when I uploaded these pictures they came up in a different order than I selected them. Oh well. These are all pictures from a few days ago. The last few days we haven't really done much. Yesterday we went and changed money to get ready for Egypt. They told us to bring ones and fives so I have about $125 in ones. I hope I dont need more. Monday we weren't allowed to go into East Jerusalem or into the Old City because of tension regarding events in Gaza. Sometimes it's nice to just stay inside and relax. We leave for Egypt on Sunday! Crazy. These pictures are all from when we went to visit David's Citadel. It was really interesting to see but the guided tour was 2 hours and we were all hungry so we didn't stay very long.
Us inside the Citadel. You can't see it very well but there was a ton of modern art on the inside. Kind of interesting/weird.

I'm not exactly sure what this building is (I'll find out) but I think it's some sort of government building. Anyway, you can see bullet holes all over the face of the building if you look closely.

Steph and me sitting on some steps inside the Citadel. This was a very warm day. We were happy to be able to take off our jackets.

This was the story of my life the first week or so of the trip. I got betta!

Sunset over the Old City taken from the Center.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Field Trip!

This last Thursday was our first real field trip. We went around to a few different sights in the area to get a feel for the geography of Jerusalem and of the surrounding area. The day we went was probably the coldest and windiest day since we've been here so we spent a lot of the time talking about each area on the bus. It is really fun to start to understand where things are and to really get a feel for the area. One of the places we went to was where Abraham came on his way to Mount Moriah and where he would have first been able to see the place where he would sacrifice Isaac. Ill label the pictures later...

Okay. Here I go. The first few posts might be kind of weird because I have a lot of days that I have pictures from that I want to add to the blog but I might just start from now and forget about the days that have already passed.
One day we went to West Jerusalem to eat lunch and we ended up going out to an open air market which was really fun! We liked it so much we ended up going back a couple days later and eating falafels in the market and walking around for awhile.

bags of spices in the market.

The market! Sorry it's sideways. I'll figure it out.


Steph and me in the market.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Early Beginings

Hello friends and family!

After many, many requests I have decided to start up a blog. This is to keep you all updated with the goings-on here in Israel and to let you know that I am safe and having fun. Also to keep you slightly jealous :o)

I am just starting to figure this stuff out so please bear with me for the time being.